Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FCBD 20011 wrap-up

Well another Free Comic Day has come and gone. As usual, we saw a great mix of regular customers and new people. We get more and more parents with kids in tow every year, and this year they packed the store all day long with out a break. Its a lot of work, but definitely worth all the effort when you get e-mails like this one..

Hi Rob and Staff,

Thanks for another great Free Comic Book Day. It's become a nice red letter day on
our calendar. Last year my son Shane and his friend Ethan came out of the store,
looked at their gift bags and were thrilled. My son's friend said "this is the best
day of our lives." Since then Ethan has moved to London. However, we made sure he
and his mother came back for Free Comic Book Day. My youngest son Curtis started off
the celebration by asking for his Batman costume. Ethan followed by donning Shane's
Wolverine costume and Shane dressed as Spider-Man. Someone at the store took a
picture of them, which they loved.

I really have to congratulate you on the way you present the whole event. The book
sale gave us a great selection of extra material to pick up (we always buy a few
things, both for fun and to support the store). The packages you gave out were very
thoughtful too. Curtis's bag had very young-kid-friendly comics and page of Winnie
The Pooh stickers. My wife Nancy was given a great bag with Sense and Sensibility,
Anita Blake, Oz, and Women of Marvel. She loved it. I think she's going back for the
rest of Sense and Sensibility. The young woman handing out the gift bags also made
sure Shane got a bag with the Spider-Man comic. Your staff was very friendly and
helpful. Obviously a lot of care went into the event and it's very much appreciated.
And yes, Ethan said "this is the best day of our lives" again this year. It's
assumed he and his mother will make Free Comic Book day an annual visit to our

So thanks again. We won't wait until next year to come back.



Thank you Craig. As I said earlier, events like this are worth all the extra work, just to see the smiles on kids faces as they look over their comics. Of course I have to thank the many friends who help me make such events possible, Glenn, Danny Rob, Chuck and Soairse, all came in early and stayed late, and Kellie put in a ton of hours in the basement, sorting and bagging the packs.

I'd also like to thank all the regulars who support the store all year long and spread the word of Free Comic Day to friends and co-workers.

Coming up next month is the Comics & More 24th anniversary celebration. As luck would have it, the Danforth Mosaic BIA has set up a sidewalk sale for the same weekend.

Running all along the Danforth from Donlands to Woodbine the weekend of June 10-12, hundreds of retailers will be putting sale items out front of their respective stores.

Hopefully everyone who came by for FCBD will be back that weekend for our huge store-wide sale and to check out all the great deals we'll have out on the Sidewalk Sale.

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