Friday, November 22, 2013


Looks like a really big week, I guess the publishers are trying to load the shelves up for the American Thanksgiving. Not much new or special to really note though.
Letter 44 #1...I didn't get my copies the first time this shipped for some reason, but it looks like a great book. Its only a buck, so pick it up and try it out, the 2nd issue will be on the shelves with it for the regular $3.99 price.
Maxx Maxximized is just new printings of the classic Sam Kieth stuff, but it will be fun to see it all again.
Sandman Overture Special is the first issue with some added material( sketches and interview type stuff) plus the word balloons will be dropped out so as to show off the art.
Marvels Infinity event comes to a close with a big last issue with a $6.00 price tag.

Harley Quinn #0

Harley Quinn #0

Harley's new ongoing title kicks off with a zero issue in which every page is provided by a different artist. Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner are the writers for this one and, along with the artists, they've put together a fun, experimental "jam session" of a comic. Everyone involved gets to have a little fun with it, and that translates to a neat, unique read.

There's no real story in this issue, though the last page sets you up nicely for the upcoming #1. Harley Quinn #0 starts off when Harley decides she wants to play the starring role in her own ongoing series, and essentially decides to try out different artists; each of whom provides a page for this zero issue. Conner and Palmiotti keep the script fun and lighthearted, while taking a few cracks at the talent as well as the business. Jim Lee's page is basically a reprint from a previous Batman comic. Simonson's lack of backgrounds is brought to light. Tradd Moore's ability to finely illustrate motion is mentioned. There's a lot of humor for fans of comics, and fans of the industry.

This issue is pretty much the definition of breaking the fourth wall. It's also absolutely suited to a character like Harley Quinn. It looks like future issues are going to be more of a comedic serial title with less fourth wall-breaking, allowing with writers to craft some good ongoing Harley stories without involving the reader. For a zero issue, however, this is an extremely fun idea and it's well executed. I wouldn't mind seeing 'gimmick' issues like this hit shelves once in a while, or at least artist jam session issues. You never know when you'll discover a new artist you enjoy. Issues like Harley Quinn #0 can not only be interesting and helpful for readers discovering new talent, but most importantly, issues like these are just plain fun to read.

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