Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Those wacky investors are back


If you have come by today hoping to buy up a pile of Batman Incorporated #8 in order to resell and make a ton of cash...I regretfully inform you there will be none here for you. Sorry to stomp on your retirement plans, but my best interests are served in making sure that my regular readers of the comic get a copy to read and keep their collections intact.

If you are an actual fan who is looking for a copy because your regular shop doesn't have any left, please speak with me and help me understand why you continue to support a store that doesn't take its customers into account when ordering comics, or worse yet, sells your comics out from under you in order to make a quick buck.

Tired of investor mentality ruining a great hobby.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Well there were hardly any X titles at all this week, so it makes sense that Marvel would have to catch up. Next week its not only a big X week, but an Uncanny one as well.We get Uncanny issues of Avengers, X-Men and X-Force all together. Could be confusing for fans who arent up on the Marvel Now relaunches yet.
The only New Marvel title this week  is the 0.1 issue of Guardians of the Galaxy, and trust me , this point comic issue business is annoying on this side of the counter too.
Basically Marvel has found a way to sell you a first issue..twice.
Simpsons gives us a solo issue for Professor Frink.
My distributor lost my copies of Manhattan Projects a couple of weeks ago, so the issue #9s coming next week are new to my store, but you may have seen them other places already.
Batman Inc. #8 has been getting a lot of buzz on the internet.. Morrison is getting ready to wrap up his Batman and Son storyline, maybe in a big way.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The main thing DC did with their relaunch that was amazing, was  getting all their titles on track and shipping them in a relatively sane order. Now all of a sudden they are pulling a page from Marvels handbook and sending multiple books from the same family on the same day.
This is the 2nd month in a row that they have sent all 3 Green Lantern titles together, and this time we are getting 3 books with Justice League on the cover too. Along with the regular Justice League comic, we are getting the first issue of the new J.L.A., and the spin-off comic Vibe(full title is Justice Leagues Vibe).
DC also gives us the end of an era as Hellblazer comes to a close after 300 issues. Don't worry, our favourite mage, will be back soon in his new DC 52 title, Constantine, co-written by none other than Jeff Lemire.
Marvel counters with the relaunch of Nova. A new version of the classic character.
My Little Pony gets a spin-off mini-series to satisfy those Brony urges twice a month.
The 2nd of the Batman Automobilia figures arrives as well. This one is the classic 1966 T.V. show version.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Great week starts off with Batman #17, the finale to the Death of the Family story. Just what does Joker have on that plate?
DC spins off the Birds of Prey character Katana,which should give us a little more personal info on the lady with the cursed sword, and her part in the new JLA comic starting in 2 weeks.
Marvel fights back with their big guns as they relaunch Uncanny X-Men. Quite a different book from previous runs as this time Cyclops and friends are technically the bad guys.
Walking Dead ships twice this week as the regular #107 arrives with the Governor Special. The special is basically a reprint of his first appearance along with a short story from last years Comic Legal Defense issue.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Marvel, NOW this is getting ridiculous. I guess they are trying to get issue #100 of All New X-men out before the next movie or something. Also, this is the third week in a row for Avengers, and 3rd issue of Superior Spider-Man this month. I guess they make up for it by sending other stuff a few years late....Seriously, Scarlet #6 has an original ship date of April 2011. Like I'm gonna remember who ordered these things 2 years ago.

Fearless Defenders is the girl version of the classic team, that seems to be just Misty Knight and Valkyrie so far, but I'm sure other members will be coming along.

DC 52 Valentines Special is a large anthology  in time for Valentines day. Features a great batch of stories by folks like Diggle and Gene Ha, and includes Valentines cards you can pull out and send to any nerd you love.
Speaking of Diggle, he and Jock get together for a new crime drama called Snapshot.
More crime drama as Garth Ennis starts his new series Red Team, about an elite NYPD narcotics squad. Sure to be full of guns and ass-kicking, stuff Ennis excels at.
Science and magic collide as a university professor discovers he is the Son of Merlin. First issue is a buck, so give it a try.

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