Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Comics May 21st

Super busy week but very few NEW titles to mention, but still a lot of great stuff.
MPH #1 starts off another Millar World title, this one features a gang of street kids who get hooked on a speed drug.
Batman and Frankenstein continues the Dark Knights hunt for the corpse of Damian. With the series Robin Reborn coming in a few months, this book might be an important prelude.
Forever Evil #7 finally arrives, and with it all the books tying in to the ending can finally ship. This week you will get Justice League #30 and Justice League America #14.
Amazing X-Men #7 is a guest shot by Kathryn Immonen, writing a Spidy and his Amazing Friends story.
Image heavy list as well, as Mercenary Sea, Saga and Velvet all arrive together.
The book end of the list has the first collection of Coffin Hill( my favourite new Vertigo title), and a NEW hrdcvr team-up of Black Canary and Zatanna. This is an original story NOT a reprint, written by Paul Dini.
Originally meant to be drawn by Amanda Connor, I think the preview art by Joseph Quinones looks great.

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