Friday, September 7, 2012


And Zero month continues. I must say I was pleasantly surprised how brisk the sales were on the first weeks batch, with a couple selling through before Wednesday night. With this week including several Batman titles, shopping early might be wise. Demon Knights will be an interesting read after the events shown in this weeks Stormwatch. And Resurrection Man comes full circle as it ends with #0 as Mitch learns his origin at last.
Marvel is promising media coverage on Avengers VS. X-Men #11, I'm not sure what the BIG news will be...maybe someone will die, IF Marvel actually has the guts to kill one of their characters. Marvel seems sure it will be attention grabbing though, as they are shipping every comic they can with Avengers and or X-Men in the title the same day. (11 books at my count)

The Judas Coin hrdcvr is a new original story written and drawn by Simonson, tracing the impact of one of the 30 pieces of silver on the DC Universe. Timed nicely to coincide with launch of the Phantom Stranger comic, although I doubt this story is connected in any way to the New 52 continuity of Batman.

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