Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sex Sells

Sex Criminals is the new Matt Fraction book from Image Comics, and is geared towards older readers due to the adult themes and crude humor in the book.

Sex Criminals is about a young woman named Suzie who has a rather interesting ability - sexual pleasure of any kind gives her the ability to stop time. This first issue is a look at Suzie's life as a young teenager, discovering what her abilities are and how they work. Suzie goes through a ton of questions, from parents to peers, asking about her feelings and abilities. Of course, no one is any help to Suzie and she must learn about both sex and her powers on her own accord.

Fans of crude humor and adult oriented stories will get a kick out of this book. It's not one the kids should be picking up, despite the friendly, vibrant artwork from Zdarsky. In fact, the publishers make that pretty evident with the giant text on the back cover. In true Fraction fashion, Sex Criminals uses some fun storytelling tricks and interesting panel/page layouts. The story is great, and the writing follows suit. 

Fraction has been on a roll with his recent creator owned books, and Sex Criminals is a great addition to his works. Hopefully, all of the creator owned ventures won't disrupt the quality of his Marvel titles, most notably Hawkeye, which has been great from day one.

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