Thursday, April 4, 2013


With Damian gone, the Batman and Robin title turns into a sort of Batman team-up book as he spends an issue with each of his old partners,maybe giving him a chance to patch things up between them.
Not getting enough Batman? I don't see how that's possible, but this week starts the print version of Lil Gotham. Basically its smaller, cuter versions, of the Bat characters and their villains. Think Marvel Super-Hero Squad.
Kirkmans other comic, Invincible, spins off a 2nd title as Invincible Universe begins. Looks like a team book featuring all the other super characters from the main title(most of whom pretty much hate him right now).
Age of Ultron continues at a frantic pace(nearly weekly) and continues to confuse the best of us with the oddly numbered crossover issues. This week we get Avengers Assemble #14AU, and Ultron #1AU which is not just a reprint of the first issue but actually a one-shot about Ultrons son, the character from the Runaways.

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