Sunday, November 14, 2010


It seems like every day, someone new walks in the store to look around, and asks me" how long have you been open".
The surprised look on their face as I reply"23 years and counting", is usually part confusion that they have never noticed my store before, and part astonishment that an independent specialty shop can make a go of it for nearly a 1/4 century.
I have to say that the key to longevity of any business, is in the loyalty of its customers. And the key to customer loyalty, is to value each and every customer.
A customer appreciation sale is more than just an excuse to clear out some dead stock before the holiday season(although it's always nice to think that my overstock, is some readers treasure), it's a way to give a little bonus to my loyal customers who have supported me all these years.
Aside from the 50% off all backstock over 6 months old, I will also be filling a few bins, and the walls, with variant cover comics from the last year or so at 50% off.
The REAL treat though is one of my favourites from the past. Several years back I did a gumball lottery that went over really well. Basically with every purchase over $10.00 you get a chance to win FREE books, gift certificates, or special discounts(even your entire purchase FREE).
So come on in the last weekend of November,
And let me thank you for keeping me in the business I love.

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