Friday, May 6, 2011

FCBD 2011

Well tomorrow, Saturday, is the big day. Make sure to get out to your local shop and get some FREE comics. We stock fairly heavy on the kid stuff, and have never run out of comics before closing, so lining up to rush in first thing at 10:00 a.m. isn't necessary, unless you have to set up something for Mothers Day later.
I know a lot of people spend the day going from store-to-store, grabbing up as many FREE comics as they can, and I'd just like to stress that while the comics don't cost YOU anything, the stores do have to pay for them. Basically, comic stores use this day to promote themselves as a fun, entertaining place to shop. The comics you get are meant to encourage you to come back, and hopefully to become a regular reader, and customer.
If you do find yourself with an excess of comics at the end of the day, please think about passing them on when you are done reading them. Leave them behind on the subway or bus, or drop them off at a dentists office or barber shop you frequent. Help pass the joy of comic reading on to the less initiated.

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