Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good News-Bad News

Well I'm sure we've all heard how quick the NEW DCU first issues are moving. More than half the titles released so far have already been announced as going to 2nd prints. (3rd printing for Justice League). The good news is, that here at Comics & More, there are still quite a few 1st prints of last weeks #'1s on the shelves at cover price. So far I've only sold out of Batgirl, Detective and yes Green Arrow!! Action #1 and Justice League #1 are both selling for premium prices other places, so if you still haven't snagged a copy for yourself or have a friend who wants one, you know where to go.

Now, the bad news.

Some kind of mess up with the delivery system has left me short on 2 of this weeks #1 issues. I only received about half my expected order on Mr. Terrific #1, and not even enough Grifter #1's to fill the pre-order packages. Diamond assures me that the missing comics will be in next weeks delivery, and hey the 3rd week is only 12 titles anyway, so it kind of balances out. As a compensation, anyone picking up their pre-order package 1 book light this week, will get a FREE copy of the Green Lantern #1 variant.

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