Friday, December 7, 2012

NEW COMICS Wednesday - December 12th

Marvel Now continues with Cable and X-Force, and Avengers Arena. The first is pretty self explanatory the 2nd is a revamped Avengers Academy where all the kids are trapped in one of Arcades murderworld arenas forced to fight to the death. The cover is even a tribute to Battle Royale in case anyone misses the plot reference.
Amazing Spider-man #699.1 smacks of Marvel trying to squeeze out an extra buck before the BIG #700 ships Christmas week.( Like selling a few hundred thousand comics at $7.00 a piece isnt good enough).
Image gets in the seasonal mood by shipping a batch of buck comic reprints.
Titles like Revival, Saga, Fatale, and 4 more. Great way to get fans to help promote the paperback collections for each of these titles as Christmas presents for loved ones looking for something good to read over the holidays.


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