Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Well here's another poor look at what you'll see on the shelves tomorrow morning. I've only had time to read through a few so far.

Fear Itself starts off with an amazingly solid 44 pages of art and story, and I can't wait for the 2nd issue.

Brightest Day is really paying off with the BIG mystery character showing up this issue, and no I won't spoil it for you, unlike so many sites out in the interweb.

Hercules is back from the dead, although not quite the god he used to be. Pak and Van Lente deliver a great story, and the art is nice too. I'll be reading this regularly and hoping enough of you do too, so that it doesn't turn into another "just a mini-series".

And here's a stack of boxes with the first delivery of FCBD comics. I can't believe its only a month away, and I haven't done a huge pitch for it yet.

Lots of great books for all-ages this year, including the perennial favourites, Archie and Sonic. New this year are books like Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Smurfs, Avatar and Kung-Fu Panda. Many are flip books with 2 titles sharing the comic. Marvel is giving us a Spider-Man title and a Cap/Thor book (no big surprise with the movies coming soon). The Cap/Thor book is a beauty, by the team of Landrige and Samnee, that gave us the short lived Thor the Mighty Avenger comic. Disappointingly, the DC books haven't arrived yet, but the Green Lantern one is just a reprint of the first issue of the recent Green Lantern Origin story. However, it will include a preview for the upcoming Flashpoint mega event running through this summer. I'll be handling Free Comic Day the same as I have the last few years. Anyone coming into the store will be given a bag of comics to take home-ABSOLUTELY FREE - The bags are filled randomly and sorted by age appropriateness. And yes, there is a great selection of stuff for adults as well as the kids. SORRY but we just get way to busy that day to give people a chance to pick out individual favourites. But feel free to share and trade amongst yourselves once you leave the store.


As usual, I encourage ALL teachers and librarians to get in touch with me and make sure you are on my list to receive a batch of comics for your school.

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