Sunday, April 28, 2013


Little late updating things this week as we get ready for FCBD. Only 6 more days to go.

The first issue of the new Sesame Street comic arrives next week. Could be good timing , as the free comic day version gets handed out a few days later on MAY 4th.
  The original ads for the Movement and Green Team seemed based on the 99% movement. I'm not sure if thats a big selling point anymore, but Movement is by Gail Simone who delivers a pretty solid story on everything she writes.

Theres a batch of Iron Man stuff coming out, hoping to catch movie fans. Iron Man  #258.1 is the first issue of a 4 part weekly set in OLD continuity(before all the relaunches) by classic creators of the period, Micheline and Layton. Theres also a one-shot where he fights the Melter.
 Theres another great batch of BUCK BOOKS arriving just in time for FCBD. Even if you already buy some of these titles, try picking up a few for friends. A nice cheap way of building our struggling little hobby.

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