Monday, April 4, 2011

More Amazon hate

Proof that I am not the only Amazon hater. Sure its ironic that one of the big box stores that helped close down so many local shops is in turn run over by an even bigger truck. But at least they employed people who worked and spent their dollars in their community. I'd like to stress, that my rant last week was not directed at any of my customers. A couple people who buy their books from me every week, asked about the book in question and got a confused look from me, as I'm not really sure where they may have heard or seen that the book was already out. But the one person, (who occasionally comes into the store to brag about his latest deals from on-line), and who has NEVER purchased a single comic from me at full price,
gave me a speech about how incompetent retailers like me are the reason people HAVE to buy on-line to get what they want. Before leaving, he told the next person in line that she was crazy to buy the book she was holding at full price when she could save "a small fortune" buying it off Amazon.

And, yes, I get people like this on a pretty regular basis. One guy spent close to an hour in the store one day, asking me what I was going to do for a living once digital comics put me out of business. Then again, he was in the printing business before his shop closed down, so maybe his own bitterness was showing.

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