Thursday, March 13, 2014


After a lengthy break, we finally get some more American Vampire. This oversized first issue brings us up to the '60's as Pearl and Skinner team up against a new threat.
The new season of Buffy starts off with the hint that magic will somehow be changing the rules in the slayer vs. vamp battle.

After a short break, Marvel restarts Daredevil in a new city at a new price.
Batman teams up with Aquaman as the hunt for Damians body begins.
Image continues to explore genres other than Super-hero. Sovereign is a dark fantasy set in a world of magic and gods where the undead are dealt with by swords.
Rush Clockwork Angels teams Kevin Anderson with Neil Peart to bring the bands words( and worlds) to the comic page.
The latest chapter of Moore's League of Gentlemen arrives. Nemo Roses of Berlin brings us up to 1941 and the introduction of Germany's answer to the League.
Hellboy hits 20 and Dark Horse releases a beautiful hardcover to celebrate, Includes rare sketches and never before seen art.

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