Friday, July 27, 2012


I was a little upset at some of the graphic content appearing in Saga, without any kind of mature readers label, but now Image is giving us Black Kiss 2. This is one of the comics that started the whole need for a Comic Legal Defense Fund in the first place!! Will it be poly-bagged like the first time around, or can any kid who comes in the store just flip through it at their leisure?
Marvel plays it safe however with another Hawkeye regular? series, and First X-Men. Lost tales of an  unknown group from before Prof. X put together his first team. Neal Adams is working with a proven writer this time(Christos Gage) so it should be a lot more coherent than Batman Odyssey was.
Peter Parker #156.1 is a retro-fit story, the first of a weekly set of revival comics celebrating Spidys 50th anniversary.

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