Friday, October 12, 2012


Well it's starting to feel more like winter than fall outside. Good time of year to grab some books and settle in where it's warm.

AVX Consequences#1 went quick. Remember this is a WEEKLY title and orders are already set on the following 4 issues.
Batman and Batgirl sold out quick as well. If you want to follow the rest of the Joker story make sure to let me know, Catwoman #13 says it is a prelude, but it might have little to do with the main story.

Cyberforce relaunches with the help of Kickstarter, for only 25 cents!(get 1 free with any purchase)
Marvel Now point 1 gives us preview stories for a bunch of titles and characters relaunching soon.
Walking Dead continues to fly out of the store, and #103 will move twice as fast with the extra, Li'l Rick variant cover.

Check out the front table for Walking Dead and other horror titles on special pricing for Halloween.

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