Monday, August 30, 2010


Well another Fanexpo weekend has come and gone. I have to say first of all that this was probably the busiest weekend I've ever experienced. There seemed to be a few glitches, like taking so much product my staff and I could barely move in the booth. But that wasn't much of a problem as books started selling quicker than we could refill the tables. Being right up front of the building was great exposure, and made us easier to find for returning buyers. The crowds packed around the table made it almost impossible to move past us at times.
I just wish I could have found some time to get out and see some of the great guests , or even take some more pictures of the fantastic characters and costumes all around the show.
It's hard to believe that even with that busy a weekend, I still planned a sale at the store for the coming weekend.
Saturday and Sunday SEPT. 4th-5th, will be a sequel to my 23rd anniversary sale from June.
If you're not off at the cottage for Labour Day, or busy with family in town to visit, stop by the store and get yourself some great deals and stock up on reading material for yourself and the kids before sending them back to school.

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