Saturday, March 24, 2012


Well the big Avengers VS. X-Men story starts for real ..sort of. After a 4 issue X-Sanction Prelude, we get a #0, before the thing actually really truly begins.
The #1 goes on sale April 4th, and continues bi-weekly for 6 months.

The 4th of the new Vertigo titles starts this week.
The New Deadwardians is a Zombie, Vampire caste story set in the Victorian era.

Yet another Ultimate Spider-Man #1 ships, as the cartoon show gets its own
comic. Marvel really needs to come up with some original names for their
series or they all just start to get lost in the mix. The first issue is FREE, while supplies last.

Monday, March 19, 2012

MARCH Previews - pt.2

Here's a look at what's coming in May from DC and Vertigo.

MARCH Previews - for MAY 2012

It's been a while since I did this, so I asked for some help from some customers, and amateur blogger Derek stepped up.
Here's his thoughts on some titles shipping in May.

"In 1992, the impossible happened - an upstart independent company created a new,
cohesive universe that managed to go toe-to-toe with the industry's biggest
publishers, forever changing the comics landscape in the process."

Which comic company wrote those words? Don't worry if you're stumped. Those words
easily describe two publishers - Valiant and Image - who are pulling retired
characters off the shelf and dusting them off with  fresh creative teams this May.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Busy week with Batman and JLA shipping together. JLA #7 is the first of 2 fill-in issues done by Gene Ha, so no Jim Lee, but it also starts the back-up story of SHAZAM.
Another new Vertigo this week as Domique Laveau Voodoo Child #1 ships. Beautiful art by Denys Cowan in this one.
Rocketeer Advs. Starts a 2nd mini-series run.
The ever prolific Mark Millar brings us SuperCrooks, about villains off to Spain when it gets too hot in the States.
And...Tiny Titans comes to an end with issue #50. That pitiful sound you hear is myself and 1000's of kids sobbing at the loss of one of the funnest comics I've ever read. Lets hope the Superman Family advs. that replaces it is half as good.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Only a few firsts to mention this time around.
With the  movie just a few months away, it seems like a no-brainer for Marvel to start yet another Avengers on-going title.(I stress the term, NO-BRAINER), I don't think they realize that if the fans actually tried to buy every single Avengers comic they have planned this spring, they wouldn't have the cash to go to a movie.
Vertigo has the 2nd of its new line this month, with Saucer Country. Its a political thriller,UFO conspiracy  story by Paul Cornell.
The big book of the week could be Saga. Brian K. Vaughn( Ex Machina, Y-The Last Man)returns to monthly comics with a space epic that looks like a blend of Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Finally after a few dry weeks, we get some new first issues to mention.

Marvel takes us again to the Age of Apocalypse, nothing new really, except they seem to be in the standard Marvel Universe.
DC mines the past as well and gives us another chance to enjoy the Gothic horror series, Night Force.
Hickman starts another mini-series at Image. Manhattan Projects gives us something even scarier hiding behind the development of the A- Bomb.
Fury's Big Week, seems like Marvel trying to sell some random story, barely connected to the Avengers movie.
Vertigo starts off a month of new titles with The Fairest. A spin-off from the excellent series Fables, this one will feature short run stories involving the distaff side of the Fables universe. The first arc is drawn by Phil Jimenez and has covers by Adam Hughes, a perfect pair of artists to deliver a story about the fairest ladies in the land. Remember that this is the first of 4 new titles from Vertigo in March. Make sure to take advantage of my special, offering ALL 4 first issues for $5.00.
be sure to check out the front table for a special sale on all the Fables paperbacks currently in print.
20 % off any Fables trade...3 or more 30% of each....and buy 7 or more to get a whopping 40% off.

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