Thursday, February 27, 2014

NEW cOMICS Wednesday March 5th

The first 2 parts of the Batman/Superman and Worlds Finest crossover sold out quick this week, so make sure to get a copy of the Batman /Superman Annual for how it all started.
The Marvel relaunches continue as Wolverine/X-men starts over at issue 1 with a new writer and slightly different direction.
At least Moon Knight hasn't had a comic for a few years, Warren Ellis is writing it, so thats a plus.
And Magneto is quite a different character than the last time he had a series to himself.
Greg Rucka begins a new female lead title with "Veil". Described as a new look at supernatural horror.
Auteur is a very indi looking book about a deranged glue-sniffing down on his luck movie producer.
The Millarworld kicks off a new batch of titles with Starlight #1. This one looks very retro sci-fi adventure, very Flash Gordony. The art looks amazing, sort of a cross between Toth and Manara. The only problem being that the book has already been optioned by we can look forward to the inevitable wait for the last 2 issues like most of Millars titles.
Speaking of late titles...LOOK, another issue of Jupiters Legacy.
Walking Dead vol.20 hits the shelves as the All-Out-War reaches the half-way mark.



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