Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesdays Reviews

Batman Inc Special #1

The Batman Inc. Special #1 is a one-shot anthology of a sorts, telling short stories of the various bat-heroes who were featured in Batman Inc. All of the heroes are there including Mr.Unknown, Knight and Squire, Raven Red, Man-of-Bats, Nightrunner, Dark Ranger, El Gaucho, and everyone's favorite bovine crime fighter, Bat Cow.

The bulk of the anthology is not set in continuity, though the Knight and Squire story does take place after Batman Incorporated issue 6. The rest of the stories are simply one-off mini adventures featuring the various team members, each fun in its own way. The book features five individual stories from a big list of creators including Chris Burnham, Joe Keatinge, Dan Didio, and others.

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