Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Dude

I still can't believe I was talking with Steve Rude today. The artist extraordinaire who brought us the Moth and Nexus was calling to thank me for being one of the top 10 stores to order the Nexus Free Comic Day Special.

On the one hand I'm glad to help promote the relaunch of one of comicdoms classic characters, on the other hand, I can't believe only 9 stores across North America ordered as heavy on this book as I did. As a personal thank-you, The Dude told me to keep an eye on my mail for a special reward package he was sending me.

I'm not sure exactly what will be included in this gift basket, but my good fortune is yours as well. I can't hold a successful Free Comic Day without all my loyal customers, and I know many of you fondly remember the great Horatio Hellpop,Dave,Judah, and Sundra as much as I. Therefore any customers who order the Nexus Special from my on-line shop by May 6th will be entered in a draw for something neat,(I'll let you know what, when I get it).

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