Saturday, April 28, 2007

On the Shelves MAY 2nd

Marvel seems to be trying to take advantage of the Buffymania that has developed around the new season eight series from Dark Horse. The regular schedule for Runaways puts it out the same week as Buffy each month, and now this week the oft delayed Astonishing X-men #21 will arrive as well, making it a Joss Whedon heavy week. Many Whedon fans were already picking up Astonishing but I haven't seen many of them express interest in Runaways, YET!.

Probably the biggest book of the week will be the World War Hulk Prologue, Peter David pens the story of Hulks return to earth, as he recollects memories of past run-ins with the heroes of the Marvel Universe, building his anger to epic proportions.

Hellboy Darkness Calls#1 is the latest mini-series from Mignola and Fegredo and is a follow up to the Island from 2005.

The year really flew by didn't it, 52#52 ships this week with an extra sized issue to wrap up as many of the storylines as they can, and lead into the next year long series, Countdown.

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