Friday, July 27, 2007


A lot of great stuff is coming in Wednesday, although thankfully nowhere as busy as last week. I had to clear off the sale table at the back of the store to make room for all the comics that couldn’t fit on the racks.
Top of the “new titles” this time around is Spiderman/Red Sonja#1, Peter Parkers fascination with redheads could spell trouble as he and the she devil with a sword, go head-to-head with the mighty wizard Kulan Gath, who has a history with both characters. Spidy was instrumental in Gath’s downfall that time he changed all of New York into a scene from Conan, and Sonja actually beheaded the wizard (he got better) back in her Conan team-up days. This isn’t the first meeting of the two, as Red Sonja once possessed Mary Jane back in a Marvel Team-up issue.
The other she-devil, Shanna, returns in a new mini-series which places her in the role of protector to a batch of shipwrecked pirates. Palmiotti and Gray are a great writing team, but the last Shanna series sold mostly on the strength of Frank Cho’s art and Khari Evans( Heroes For Hire) is a nice enough artist, but he’s no Cho.
I'm not sure if its a colouring mistake but Shanna looks very much a blonde on the cover of this new series. Artistic licence or Marvels attempt to distinguish the two She-Devils apart? What’s the odds both books would show up on the same day anyway? Its too bad DC already used the new Red Tornado on a previous cover for Justice Society ( this time around its Liberty Belle) with Medusa showing up on Illuminati #4 we could have had a real theme week going.

Speaking of Justice Society #8, this issue gets us set up for the introduction of the JSA's newest member in issue #9, if you saw the cover of Wizard #191
you know who it is ( and its not Wolverine, although that wouldn't surprise me he's already in every single Marvel book)

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