Thursday, August 30, 2007


Only a couple of Dark Horse to mention this time around, but they are both good bets by two of the best writers in the industry.

Hunter Rose returns in a new Grendel series, Behold the Devil. When Matt Wagner began doing Batman and the Monster Men for DC, I hoped this was just a way for him to set up time to start on his own stuff again. Its been about 10 years since the last time we saw original Grendel stories so many of you may not be familiar with the character but trust me, this book will sell quick. I would really like to know when we’ll ever see the third Mage story, but in the meantime, 8 issues of the greatest master criminal and assassin in the world will tide me over fine.

The Scream #1, doesn’t strike me as a typical Peter David book, the story seems to be about a young man manifesting bizarre reactions in others. Is he really bringing thoughts and dreams to life, or is he just crazy? I know I’ve liked everything Mr. David has done to date, so I’ll definitely be trying this one out.

DC COMICS is a little busier than Dark Horse this month, but still not as many new titles as usual. Maybe they’ve finally decided to take it a little easy on their customers.
Starting off are a couple more of those Countdown one-shots featuring Kyle, Donna, and BOB, travelling from Elseworlds to Elseworlds righting the wrongs that once went right. This time they pop up on the Gotham by Gaslight world and the Batman Red Rain reality. Its nice to see they got Kelley Jones to draw the Red Rain issue, I’m not sure they couldn’t have talked Mignola into another Gaslight story, ( then again he’s been pumping out a lot of Hellboy related titles lately).
The only real problem I have with these stories (besides the impossibly long titles) is the need to call them all #1’s instead of just running them as a mini-series. Anyone who isn’t in the store every week is going to lose track of how many and which ones they have. Numbering them as 1 of 6, 2 of 6 etc. would make it a lot easier to follow.
It’s the same with the other series of spinoff one-shots that fall under the Sinestro Corps Presents banner. This time Ion gets the spotlight, and while they all look great and could be important to the overall Green Lantern storyline, it would have been better to sell them as numbered issues of a mini-series rather than continuous one-shots.

Salvation Run looks like fun. A true “villains unite” as a host of DC bad guys (looks mostly like Flash’s rogues) get exiled to another world to fight for their lives against a population that doesn’t want them any more than Earth does.

Teen Titans East Special puts together a second group of Titans lead by Cyborg. Some of the characters look familiar and some not. I’m not sure the Titans franchise is solid enough right now to support a second regular title, but occasional specials like this are fine.

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