Friday, September 28, 2007


Wow it hardly seems like a month since the last time I did this.

Dark Horse starts off with an end of the world superhero title that’s billed as a cross between Lord of the Rings and Watchmen. THE END LEAGUE, are Earths last hope to stave off the forces of evil by finding the lost artifact Thor’s Hammer. This looks like it could be good except that it is listed as an on-going title. I have trouble getting into any quest style book that doesn’t have an end in sight. If the heroes are searching for something, they either find it, or they don’t, end of story.

IT ATE BILLY ON CHRISTMAS is the simple story of a small girl who watches her young brother get eaten by a funny little monster, and starts looking for other "things" to feed it.
Written by Lenore creator Roman Dirge, this one-shot hardcover will make an ideal Christmas gift for any weird little kids (or parents) on your shopping list.


COUNTDOWN ARENA is a 4-issue weekly event that pits superheroes from around the multiverse against each other. Ever wonder who was stronger, Red Son Superman or Dark Side Superman? Who will win out between Vampire Batman and his Gotham by Gaslight counterpart? This series could be huge fun for fans who’ve read all the various Elseworlds books that will be referenced, but highly confusing to those who haven’t. Even the instigator of the whole thing, Monarch is the former Capt. Atom and should not be confused with the previous Monarch who turned out to be Hawk. ( makes my head hurt to think of it)I’m not even sure of this guy’s motivation for the whole thing. He professes to be raising an army to battle the Monitors, but only seems interested in the most vicious of the alternate heroes. Still, 4 issues of super people waling on each other sounds like Contest of Champions all over again.

More Countdown action as the hunt for Ray Palmer takes Donna, Kyle and friends to the worlds of RED SON and SUPERWOMAN/BATWOMAN. I’m not sure what else I can say about these, other than they are the last of the series, and I still have no idea what makes Ray Palmer so important to the whole future of the multiverse in the first place. They seem like nothing more than an excuse to review scattered elseworlds stories that now find themselves part of continuity thanks to Infinite Crisis and 52. If it turns out Ray Palmer was the real Monarch all this time I won’t be the least surprised.

Western comics have made a real comeback with Loveless and Jonah Hex selling strong several paperbacks into their runs. So it’s no surprise to see another great character get his own title even if only a mini-series. BAT LASH has appeared a couple times already in Jonah’s book but here he’s on his own. The real beauty of this series is that its being co-written by Sergio Aragones (Groo) who I was not even aware helped create Bat Lash almost 40 years ago!! Even better, classic western artist John Severin is doing the art for the book with covers by Walt Simonson. I like the idea of this book so much that it will be my push book of the month. Add this title to your reserve list by the first of December and get the first issue FREE with the option to take it off your list at any time. <<< Remember that you have until OCTOBER 1st to add CRIME BIBLE featuring the Question to your list for the same deal. And the push book for November is the Grendel series BEHOLD THE DEVIL by Matt Wagner.>>>

It’s like the 60’s all over again as Jim Shooter returns to the LEGION OF SUPERHEROES in issue #37. Its been more than 40 years since then 14 year old Shooter created such classic characters as Karate Kid, Princess Projectra and the Fatal Five. Does he still have the magic? Or will this read as outdated as the stuff Stan Lee has written in the last few years. A lot of Legion fans will be returning to find out. Me, I’ll just be happy once Supergirls name is off the covers.
The Vertigo end of the catalog will seem a little empty without Y-the Last Man but NORTHLANDERS looks like a great replacement. Writer Brian Wood has delivered some solid hits already like Demo and DMZ, but now he's entering a whole new era, 1000 A.D. to be precise. Sven is a viking prince returning from exile in Constantinople, to recover his enheritance, but stays to fight for his family and friends who've been enslaved by his uncle.

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