Sunday, December 2, 2007


I'm not sure why, but I've always been a little afraid of posting reviews of comics and/or books up here. Considering its my job to sell you these things, you'd think the more info you get the easier it would be for you to make a decision regarding what's good. And that's probably my problem, the worry that just because I think something is good doesn't neccessarily mean any of you will. But with the season for giving now firmly upon us, I feel I should give you all some ideas for what to give to the loved ones in your reading circle( or perhaps just to treat yourself).

I've seen a lot of these top ten type things done and they always run in reverse order, but Bobby don't play that way. I'm going to start you off with my fave right off the bat.

I just have to say I'm still amazed at how well this book reads after the second or third time and I still add the newest issue to the top of my must read stack every time it comes in. There's been times I'm tempted to change the name of the store to Walking Dead & More considering how many copies of the trades I go through every month. No matter what a customer asks for in a read, I always seem to end up steering them to this title, and I can't think of a single time I've sold someone the first volume and not seen that same person back in less than a week to pick up the next( and sometimes every volume available). The world record has to be 40 minutes. A fellow was in just last Tuesday, and apparently got partway home on the subway while reading volume 1 and turned around and came back to the store, and the first words out of his lips was" I need to know what the hell happens next"
My good friend Chuck was in the store yesterday and commented he's never read it because he's not into zombie comics. Well Chuck I know what you're getting for Christmas now and let me assure you this isn't just a zombie story. I don't have the words to describe how well written the characters are in this book. In fact I think what helps me sell it is the part of my speech where I just start stammering and my pauses between words get longer as I search for a way to say, " This is the best freakin comic I have ever read" And 4 years in, I still count the days until the next issue arrives. Let me just say in closing that the title of the book doesn't refer to the zombies.The survivors of whatever the hell caused this, are themselves The Walking Dead.
More Reviews to come + check out the review section of the on-line store.


CJ said...

In this day and age, communicating via the internet with your customers is essential. There's a certain store down on Yonge that hasn't had a site (other than main page with logo and address) for about a year now.
The blog in particular is a great idea. Telling your customers what may be a great read will make you honest and stand out as someone who goes over and above the guy down the street who just wants people to buy everything and anything.

Comics & More said...

Thanks, I've actually had a couple e-mails already from this post and I'd like to thank those readers for their words. Especially Ryan M, who said " the fact that you so seldom get vocal about specific titles gives me more reason to listen when you do. Obviously only those comics you feel strongest about can get you talking"
Another E-mailer mentioned it was more of a recommendation than a review, and I like the sound of that. I will be posting more RECOMMENDATIONS on as regular a basis as I can.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Unfortunately for me, I started this series last week so now its a race to grab the rest of the trades before they're gone!

Comics & More said...

I may be out on a few of the trades now, but they should all be back in stock here in a week or two.

chuck said...

Awww...thanks for thinking of me, "Santa" Bob...:-)

I look forward to reading more of your recommendations...

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