Monday, March 31, 2008



Well the first issue of Marvels big Secret Invasion ships this Wednesday, but we already got a taste of whats to come from last weeks New Avengers #39. The main thing that's bothering me about this storyline(aside from the number of crossover issues involved) is the fact that there doesn't seem to be any rules. From the ad campaign we are asked the question of who do we trust. The implication is that some of the Marvel heroes we've been following for the last few years have secretly been Skrulls. However from the Ms. Marvel #25 story we find that some of the Skrulls are walking around as characters in the stories while the real articles are still in operation. Why ask us which characters are Skrulls and which aren't when obviously the writers are planning on having it both ways at the same time. Also, it was implied from earlier stories that this new breed of Skrull was built to take the place of individual heroes and mimic their powers. But the New Avengers #39 issue shows the one posing as Daredevil using multiple powers at the same time.
The backlash to the recent changes in the Amazing Spider-Man title resulted mainly from the fact that most readers hated the explanation that the Devil(Quesada) can do literally anything regardless of plot lines and development. And yet here Marvel is again giving us a story without any concrete rules. The story can go any way the writers(Bendis) want with the simple explanation that"They are all Skrulls and Skrulls can do anything".
Sounds like another case of lazy writing syndrome.

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