Monday, July 7, 2008

New Comics Wednesday

As I said last week, new comics will arrive Wednesday as usual, with the Americans getting theirs a day later.
There's a lot of great fodder for potential spoilers here too.

Secret Invasion #4 is arriving, and I have to say again how much fun this book is. It's nice to read a comic that just delivers on its hype. All I was really expecting was page after page of heroes pounding on each other, and that's exactly what we get. This issues cover features some of the Young Avengers, despite last issue leaving us with Nick Fury's new team of mostly unknowns. The cover could just be to meant to give us some identifiable faces to focus on.

DC gives us Final Crisis Requiem. This is a one-shot look at the passing of the Martian Manhunter, who was dispatched all too quickly in the first issue of Final Crisis. The cover doesn't give us much to go with, but it's probably just DC's lame attempt to hide the actual cover image.

I need to say here how much I hate both company's (DC & Marvel) policy of either giving us no cover image or some form of
disguised cover to keep from revealing too much of the comics content. I kind of understand the idea of not spoiling some big last page surprise, but they don't seem to understand that it's easier for me to sell something if I can post an image that actually identifies what the final product will look like on the shelves. Besides is it any worse to have a cover spoil your surprise a month ahead of time, than as you walk up to the shelf and see it before you can buy it?

Anyway its hard enough to believe any comics character will stay dead for any length of time, but when dealing with a shape shifter, lets just say, even seeing the body is no proof.
WOW, it seems like Booster Gold just started a year ago, and yet here it is at issue #1,000,000 already. This is one of the neat things possible with a time travelling hero, tying him in to all kinds of classic (or cheesy) events from the past. In case anyone out there is confused, this is connected to the DC 1 million event from a few years back. The basic premise being something like "what would the DC line look like if all the titles reached 1,000,000 issues". Either the copy editor messed up, or Geoff Johns isn't as up on his DC history as He thinks, because the blurb reads "Meet the greatest time-traveling hero of the year 1,000,000 A.D. – PETER PLATINUM! Lost in time, Booster Gold is confronted by a hero a million times more self-involved than himself.
The problem is that Booster Gold shouldn't take a million years to reach issue 1,000,000 unless they cut the publishing schedule back to 1 per year. Unless of course the book is continually cancelled and restarted over the next 10,000 centuries. Then again, maybe they know something I don't.

Detective #846 arrives this week, and its the first part of a storyline leading up to issue #850, and featuring the return of Hush. This should be interesting as Dini has so far been writing Detective as a series of self contained issues. Its also the first Batman R.I.P. tie-in not written by Morrison. It should be fun to see just how this book connects with all the crazy weirdness thats been going on in the main Batman title the last few months.(Especially last issue). Love that cover. Seems like Batman and Catwoman might be getting a little closer during this story. Remember, if Batman R.I.P. ends with Bats retiring to marry Selina , you heard it from me first.

Not much for spoiler material here, I just like to mention how much I've been loving the Marvel Adventures line lately. Especially The Avengers. Wait a second !, this is Marvel Adventures Hulk #13. Well thats fine because the Hulk has been even more fun than the Avengers on occasion, depending on the writer.

WAIT A SECOND!! This says Peter David is writing this issue. Well damn I'm going to wish I'd ordered a lot more of these. I mean just look at that cover. To hell with Marvel Zombies, this is the age of Marvel Mummies.

Last but not least, I need to mention that Bone vol.8 will arrive this Wednesday as well. I know thats not a big deal for those of us who read this stuff years ago when it was first published in B&W. But if any of you have kids in grade school, trust me that they will totally freak out if you bring this home. Especially since most of their friends aren't expecting to see it until school starts again in September.

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