Thursday, August 14, 2008


Wow I can't believe its time for the big summer show already. Fan Expo 2008 runs from Friday August 22nd-Sunday 24th.
In order to be ready for the show Friday,the store will be closing early on Thursday(around 5:30-6:00) and possibly an hour or two early on the Friday.
I'll be at the booth all weekend with my assorted helpers, while Kellie keeps things running here at the store.
Look for me at booth #328, check the floorplan to see where that is.
or just watch for the big red COMICS & MORE banner.
I'll have my usual sale items and specials, roughly 40 long boxes of great buck books and a pile of bargain paperbacks at $10.00 each. I'll also be clearing out some slow moving Manga for $5.00 a piece.

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