Friday, November 21, 2008


Well its time to catch up on a few items all at once.
First of all, the backstock sale continues, lots of great stuff moving out at 50-75% off.
The RED TAG EVENT begins Saturday November the 15th, and I'm hauling a ton of stuff up from the basement and re-pricing some of the merchandise already on the main floor. Lots of toys are down to the $3.00 - $5.00 range, and you can get them for FREE with a purchase of $30-$50.00. In fact for every $10.00 you spend on anything in the store(including the backstock sale), you get a dollar towards RED TAG sale items. Some stuff like older Heroclix boosters will be FREE for a purchase as low as $20.00. If you don't see anything you like now, or would like to get something a little bigger, just hold on to your receipt and add your purchases up until you can get what you want. I'll be adding RED TAG stuff to the front and back sale tables right through till December 13th. Wait till you see some of the great DC Direct figures coming in next Wednesday, all under $10.00.
I also need to mention Holiday Hours. Basically the Holidays will not effect shipping this year, so yes that means new comics will arrive on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.
I plan on closing at 5:00 on December 24th, Closed CHRISTMAS DAY and re-open on the 26th for the start of Boxing weekend sales. I'm not sure what the sale that weekend will be just yet but I'll try to make it a good one.
I'll be closing at 6:00 on December 31st, Closed NEW YEARS DAY, and re-open on Friday the 2nd to start off 2009.

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