Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well so far I've taken a very impressive 37 calls for the Barack Obama variant of Spider-Man #583. That's just today!! And I've only been open a few hours. Not counting calls over the weekend or earlier this week, which would put the total closer to a hundred.
This would be fantastic news, if I had any to sell. Sure the 2nd prints are coming next week(and I still can't believe Marvel got them back to press that quick), and I've put the majority of the callers down for a copy or two, but it sure would have been nice to have those people spend money today. And I need to assume a certain percentage of these orders will go unfilled as people have a chance to think about it for a week, or find a shop closer to home.
Still it seems that the 2nd print will probably sell out within the week, and we can be sure Marvel will announce another variant for the inevitable 3rd print.
\\\ I took 7 more calls for the 'comic' while I was typing this out.///
It's gonna be a long day...


outburst said...

Boy oh boy.
I still can't decide if this is a cheap ploy by Marvel to generate business or if it's a really smart move, but I guess it's working either way.

Habib said...

I just wanted to bring up the fact that Marvel was really smart here. People haven't caught on yet, and they won't for a while because this has gotten so much attention. This is quite possibly one of the hottest books in years (why? I don't know, Obama isn't special in my opinion, why no Jesus covers? You'd think Jesus would be more popular than Obama).

What other comic came out today? Final Crisis #6, and if you read that something MAJOR happens, without spoiling it, Grant Morrison delivers on what Batman RIP was supposed to be.

Marvel stole DC's thunder, plain and simple.

Comics & More said...

For sure a marketing ploy, and a smart one too, if only Marvel had given the retailers enough info to help us meet the demand. I'm all for getting more people into my store, but I need to have something to sell them.
By the way, the final tally for the day was 112 calls.

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