Monday, February 2, 2009


As you can tell from the title of this posting, I have just gone through the Marvel Preview catalog for books shipping in April. There can be no other answer for why Marvel believes it is a sound idea to ship 20+ new first issues, in the first week of April. Not to mention all their regular titles that week. Sure the majority are one shot specials and mini-series, but the fact is, unless this is some kind of demented April Fool's joke, I can't see how any of these books have a chance when racked all together on the same day. I mean seriously, my new comics rack only holds about 50 facings, and Marvel expects me to fill half of it with #1 issues. And every single one of them is priced at $3.99 U.S.
The rest of the month follows with more Wolverine first issues. I know there's a movie coming out, but seriously, how do they expect the character to sell well when he pops up in nearly every single comic they put out.

Check out the link to the on-line store to see this massive mess of Marvels.

Oh Yeah, DC is expecting to ship Flash Rebirth that day as well.
I am positive that despite this schedule nightmare, I will probably still sell as many Flash #1's as I do of all the #1 Marvels that week put together.
Just checked my order info for April. Marvel is also planning on shipping Wolverine variant covers(in a ratio of 1-10) for nearly every title they ship that month.
Yes, Marvel has truly gone insane.

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