Monday, August 17, 2009



Yeah there's some first issues this week. None are a big surprise though and will sell to the people who buy stuff like Batman, Superman, Blackest Night or Punisher. There's also the two crime noir hrdcvrs coming from DC/Vertigo. But the only book that will be selling to loads of people who don't frequent the comic shops every week, will be this one.

ARCHIE #600.
A milestone anniversary for the 3rd longest running American comic book character. Despite Marvels big renumbering event this year, Archie is 2nd only to Batman and Superman when it comes to having a continuous on-going comic of his own.
I really hope everyone who is actually interested in this comic has gotten their preorder in. I sincerely doubt you will find any on a comic book rack by noon Wednesday. I ordered heavier on this than any Marvel or DC event comic in years, and over 3/4 of them are slated for reserve. More will be arriving with the August 26Th delivery, and supermarkets and variety stores will get their copies early in September. But if its a slow news day Tuesday, you can bet to see a rush for these, first thing Wednesday morning.
How many comic shops have you ever been in that actually have Archie comics on display?
Do you think that will change after this, or will most specialty stores go back to ignoring this perennial favourite once this story is over?

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