Sunday, October 4, 2009


Pretty busy week coming up, with a batch of new first issues as well as some books of note.
First off is the stack of Batman titles arriving. Along with the latest issue of Batman and Robin we also get the Batman annual, which is the first issue of a crossover between the Bat annuals, leading up to the relaunch of the Azreal title later this month. Batman Unseen #1 is the start of what looks to be another great mini-series by the Doug Moench and Kelly Jones team. These guys deliver a fairly solid story every time(Gotham After Midnight was their last one), and this time around they have Batman fighting an Invisible Man. Good story to start off this close to Halloween, and Jones art is the perfect fit for this Hero/Horror mix.

Speaking of Heroes and Horror, two other titles are starting off this week with that mix. Doctor Voodoo(formerly Brother Voodoo) takes over as the Sorcerer Supreme, a story continuing from the recent events of the Dark Reign in Dark and New Avengers titles. Don't worry about the old Doctor though, Stephen Strange will get his spotlight in his own Strange title in a few weeks.
Todd McFarlane is hoping to hit big again with his "new" creation, Haunt. I have a feeling he's banking a lot of its potential success on his pairing with writer Robert Kirkman(Walking Dead and Invincible).

Not Halloween related but still of note is the latest issue of Astonishing X-Men, where Ellis is joined by fan-favourite artist Phil Jimenez. The double-spread cover should be worth the price alone.
The X-Babies are back and they've brought the Star characters back with them. Most people under 30 probably won't even know who the Star heroes are, but they were basically Marvel's version of the Harvey kids line, guys like Richie Rich and such. I just hope they are better received this time around, as we could use some more kid -aged comics around the store.
Jonathan Hickman's run on Fantastic Four has been doing so well I've had to re-order the first few issues a couple times now. Well I'm sure I'll have to re-order the Dark Reing Fan-four collection quick as well, as it is basically Hickman's lead-in to the regular series and was pretty much ignored by people over-dosed on Dark Reign tie-ins.

Another quick selling book this week will be the Peter and Max Fables hardcover. This is a story book style book rather than a graphic novel. But it is an all new story by Willingham set in his hugely popular Fables universe, and has some beautiful illustrations by the wonderful Steve Leialoha, whose art lends itself perfectly to the fantasy genre.

Remember to check out the rest of the week's offerings at the on-line store
New comics arrive as usual on Wednesday next week, ( the 14th)despite the Thansgiving holiday.

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