Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yes its true, Christmas is less than 2 weeks away.
But don't fret, Comics & More has lots of great stuff for the comic fan in your life.
Just check out the wall full of toys, all on sale now.
Most are only $8-$10.00, less than half their original prices.
Popular all-time favourites like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as well as less well known, but cool looking characters like the New Gods.

And the saving doesn't stop there. The front table will be loaded down with our famous $10.00 specials every day until the 24th.
There's still some Showcase volumes left from this weeks sale,(but they have been moving quick at that price), and this coming Wednesday(Dec. 16th), the table will be re-loaded with dozens of different Marvel hardcovers at $10.00 each. These are new unread hardcovers, some just recently released, regularly priced at up to $25.00 or more, for only $10.00 each.

And make sure not to miss out on the deal of the decade.
Arriving on the 16th.
The story that made every newspaper headline the day it was released.
The fastest selling comic Marvel has ever produced.
The story where Spider-Man saves president Obama.
This story as well as many more are included in the hardcover collection, Spider-Man Election Day. This book, originally released only a few months ago, with a sticker price of $29.95 U.S., is on sale for only $5.00. That's right $5.00 for a hardcover full of Spider-Man stories including one of the most famous comic stories of all time. The original comic cost that much the day it came out and shot to close to $100.00 on E-Bay almost instantly.
Buy 1 for yourself, get one for a friend, put 1 away for the future. Even if your friends aren't comic fans, they will recognize this book as a collectible. And you can look like a big spender for only $5.00.
I'm limiting the sale to 5 copies per person, and the book will only be available at this price until the 31st, or until I'm sold out.


Dave M. said...

Have you sold out of the $5 deal. Just curious I have a friends I am thinking I might try to pick this book up as there Xmas present this year.

Comics & More said...

They've been selling fast, but we still have a good supply left.
It is actually available in two different covers, the Obama version and the Spider-Man versus Menace cover.

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