Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FCBD 2010

It's still more than 3 months away, that glorious day of the year when we get to celebrate all that we love in what we love to read. But now is the time to start getting ready. As some of you may know(but many don't) comics are ordered months in advance of their on-sale date. I am currently compiling my orders for books arriving in April, and this includes the FCBD comics.

Free Comic Book Day 2010, Saturday May 1st. Mark it on your calendar, and remind all your friends, especially any with kids.

Free Comic Book Day is indeed a celebration of comics in all their forms, for anyone of any age. But here at Comics & More, it's mostly about the kids. Nothing makes me happier than that look on a little kids face when they get a comic in their hands and their eyes open wide at the colourful characters living between the covers.

The 2010 FCBD event has more great all-ages titles available than ever before. All the usual gang will be present, Archie of course with a summer fun special. Sonic the Hedgehog (celebrating over 200 issues) will go quick. Iron Man will be a popular book, what with the 2nd movie coming out the weekend after. The DC kids title gives a great sample of the various kid-friendly versions of their characters.

This year adds a few new titles to the batch. Shrek will star in a freebie with the Penguins of Madagascar, Toy Story will be another favourite I'm sure. Totally out of left field Archaia press gives us a flip-book with the excellent Mouse Guard and Fraggle Rock.

They all look great, and these books along with many more will be given away absolutely FREE on Saturday MAY 1st.
Teachers and Librarians are encouraged to call or E-mail me to get in an order for any copies they would like to add to their school library or reading program.

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