Sunday, February 21, 2010


I had a customer in the other day, I haven't seen since before Christmas, and he seemed surprised that I was still doing my backstock dollar sale. With a smile on my face I informed him that the dollar bins are not a sale, per se, but an on-going section of the store. Half of our backstock bins are permanently priced at $1.00 and a great way to pick up some cheap reading material. Don't make the mistake of thinking this is all "90's junk either. There's a lot of great 70's-80's Marvels mixed in with some current comics as well(mainly odd issues of mini-series or one-shot specials we over ordered on). And at the back of the store are several boxes of all-ages kid-friendly books priced at a dollar each as well.
On the topic of dollar comics, DC started a program last year where they reprinted several popular first issues for a dollar. Marvel and Image know a good idea when they steal it, so this year along with 5 DC/Vertigo comics, you can look forward to a half dozen Image books and a regular weekly from Marvel, all at the entry price of $1.00.

Starting the first week of March and continuing for at least 3 months, Marvel will put out a different reprint first issue for only a buck, in fact the first one arriving on March 3rd is Iron Man #1, and its FREE. The weeks after will give us Captain America and Thor #1's(after all they all have movies coming out), as well as Garth Ennis Punisher #1 and for the kid in all of us, Wizard of Oz #1.
Image and DC will start shipping their first issues specials in April, with such trade bait as Batman and Robin, Walking Dead and Ex Machina.
All of them are a great introduction to some of the best the industry has to offer(well except for Youngblood #1, I mean what were they thinking?) and Even if you already own these comics, it would be a great idea to pick up a few to give to those friends and family members who don't actively read comics. At the very least, supporting efforts like this can only encourage more "cheap" comics in the future.I will be stocking as heavily as I can on these and you can expect to see them on the shelves on Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 1st.
Check the on-line store for more info on expected ship dates for all these and the rest.

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