Sunday, March 7, 2010

Investment Opportunities

So a couple guys were in the store the other day, and seemed upset that I had placed a store sticker on the front of the Iron Man #1 reprints we were giving away. They were mad that this FREE comic was now worthless because of my thoughtless need to advertise my store.
The fact is the books did indeed cost me money(as all the comics given away on Free Comic Book Day do) and the ad sticker I put on the front is how I justify the cost to my accountant.
I told them that the following First issue reprints would be stickerless but they have a cover price of a $1.00. They actually seemed to have no interest in any of these after they were told that they are "reprints". Apparently they just couldn't see the point of buying books that "will never be worth anything".
The idea that they could read these books and potentially enjoy them, never entered their greedy little, gotta make a buck off everything, minds.
So in the interest of capitilism and the profit minded among you, I am offering a sure thing investment. A guaranteed way for you to DOUBLE your money.
Pick out any of the dollar comics as they come in, base your choices on genre, story content,cover art, or the name, or anything else of interest. If you like the first issue enough to want to read more, then just bring in that first issue with you, and I will give you $2.00 off the paperback or hardcover collection that issue starts off.
There you go, spend a dollar and get $2.00 off.

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