Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So much to do, so little time

The problem with setting up so many projects at once, is when I don't have enough time to talk about them all. I do need to apologize for the odd hours (and early closings)at the store the last month or so as we were hard pressed to get things done in the times allotted occasionally.

First off, I've put off talking about the Wizard Comic-con so long, it's old news now.
Over-all we did pretty well at the show(after a horribly slow Friday). It was great to see so many unfamiliar faces. The crowd seemed to be a lot of families out for a look see rather than the usual comic hunting gang. I'll definitely keep an eye open for next years show, and if they can bump up the comic creator presence a little to go along with the reality show and wrestling celebrities, well, I'll probably do it again.

The Easter Weekend sale went over really well, considering it was promoted mostly last minute.
The main reason for the sale however was to clear some of the paperback shelves off to make it easier for us to work on them the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately my plans for the shelves was scuttled due to bad math on my part, so we ended up switching to plan B.

Moving the $1.00 comics to a shelving system and freeing up the center space of the store for the toys and games.

Its still not 100%, but when it is(ideally before Free Comic Book Day), we should have a much better use of the floor space, with an expanded kid's area and 2 more paperback shelves(a 20% increase). And more than twice as many "buck" books to browse through. The shelves do make it a little tougher to browse the cheap stuff comfortably, but I hope there's enough great stuff buried in there, that it will be worth the extra effort.

I just got in today from doing a graphic novel sale at local elementary school, St. Brigids.
I have to say, they have a great bunch of kids over there, and they all seem to be voracious readers. It was a little hectic at times over the day and a half, but much more rewarding than doing the usual comic convention type thing. Just to see and hear all the kids get excited over the assortment of books I took, and to actually be thanked for taking their money. I just wish I had been smart enough to take a camera and get a shot of the packed room as the kids lined up to buy during their recess and lunch yesterday and today.
I'd like to thank the school librarian, Mrs. Zaleski-Cox, for all the work she did setting up and organizing the event, and hopefully the kids will enjoy the great new selection of graphic novels that are now a part of their library.

WHEW! Just typing all that out reminds me I haven't had a day of for a few weeks now, and we still have FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, to deal with. The first batch of this years goodies shows up tomorrow, and the process of sorting, counting and stickering the books, will be on-going right up to the day of the event, ONLY 17 DAYS and counting.

When I'll get the time to set-up and promote this summers great 23rd anniversary sale, I'll never know.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering I know sometimes in the past you have some of the deals from FCBD carry over to Sunday for anyone unable to come out on Saturday. Do you think you will do that again this year?

Comics & More said...

It always depends on how many comics are left, when we close Saturday night.
Usually, leftover FCBD books are given out sparingly outside of the official day.

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