Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So much to do..So little time...to blog

Hey here's an idea..why don't I talk about events coming up, rather than waiting until they're over.
For instance, Free Comic Book Day.
It's only 11 days away, and I still haven't mentioned the sale.
Yes, I've noticed that most stores do some kind of sale during FCBD, and I figured I should do the same.
Nothing super special, just a little enticement to part you all from some of your cash when you're in picking up your freebies.
We'll be setting the back table up with some of the best of our kids and all-ages stuff, and if the weather is agreeable, we'll have some boxes of comics outside full of 50 cent comics.
And best of all, SATURDAY MAY 1st, all paperbacks will be
20 % off.
The sale will continue to Sunday(for those of you who want to skip all the rowdy kids hanging around on Saturday). In fact, on Sunday, EVERYTHING in the store will be 20% off.
BUT YOU MUST MENTION READING THIS ON THE BLOG. THE SUNDAY PORTION OF THE SALE WILL NOT BE ADVERTISED IN STORE. Just ask for your special blog discount when we're ringing up your purchase.

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