Monday, May 3, 2010


Well, another Free Comic Book Day has come and gone. I must say I was not expecting the crowd that turned out, but they were all more than welcome.
Previous years we've seen the stream of customers slow to a crawl as the day wore on, but not
this time. The store was filled nearly to capacity right through to closing.

In total, we gave away nearly 3,000 comics to the over 500 people who passed through the doors in that 8 hour period on Saturday.
Most impressive was the number of families who showed up together, all more than willing to pick up a few bargains along with their freebies.
Despite the less than perfect start to the day, the weather did clear up later and allowed us to move some of the buck comic bins out front. It was a necessary move as the crowd around the shelves in the store was overwhelming at times. Several customers bought as many as a 100 loose comics at the special 50cent price.
And the 20% off books offer kept my staff and helpers busy refilling the shelves.

Speaking of staff, I'd like to thank all my staff and friends who worked tirelessly to help this event move so smoothly, especially young Rob who encouraged the esteemed Cobra Commander to show up and help hand out some G.I.Joe comics. I'm not sure what some of the passers by thought when they saw him out front waving to them in their cars as they drove by, but more than a few pulled over and came in to see what the crowd was all about.
I hope everybody who came in got something they liked and enjoyed the day as much as we did.
I'd like to remind teachers and librarians to give us a week or so before coming in to pick up the school packs we promised them. It takes a while to get everything in the store back in order and up to speed.

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James S. said...

Thanks for hosting FCBD! My son was really excited about it. I used it all week as a carrot to coax good behavior out of him – and it worked! He wouldn’t dream of risking us not going to FCBD. He was very pleased with the pack of comics that you handed out, and the couple of Hulk books that I bought for him. He is just learning to read now and it was great to see him scanning the pages for words he knew and asking me to help him with the others.

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