Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I know I'm kinda leaving this to the last minute, but better late than never.
I will be attending the Toronto Comicon this weekend, June 5-6. This is the show that's known better as the Fan Appreciation show, due to the fact that it is FREE admission on the Sunday.
Just come into the store and get your FREE PASS and you can wander through the show checking out tons of stuff at hundreds of dealer tables, and it won't cost you a dime to look.
You will probably end up spending more than you'd like, seeing all the great deals available, my own tables will be packed with hardcovers and paperbacks up to 50% off the US cover prices.

You'll want to save some money though, because later in June, is the
COMICS & MORE 23rd Anniversary sale.
Mark this date on your calendar....SATURDAY-SUNDAY JUNE 26-27
Hard to believe its been 23 years, I've spent nearly half my life running a comic book store.
23 isn't really one of the BIG anniversary numbers, but it still makes us one of the oldest comic shops in Toronto, heck I doubt if there's more than a handful of comic shops in the world that old. You can bet I will make sure that there are some great deals and fantastic prices throughout the store on those 2 days.
Full details of the sale will be posted here soon, and I will be promoting the sale at my booth at the ComicCon.


cj said...

I think 23 years in business is a big reason to celebrate for anyone.
Congratulations, even though it's well deserved.

peter said...

23 years is a pretty big number when you consider the nature of the busness. Like you said I bet there are very few comic shops around today that are as old as your store. I like the fact I've been shopping with you for over half of that time and that you're where I have my membership. Congratulations Rob on another great year and here's to many, many more!

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