Sunday, July 25, 2010


I've always been a fan of the comedy improv style of theatre. Its just that it's the kind of thing that is only really good with a solid cast of performers.
Well the Bad Dog theatre group are just such people. I attended their recent super-hero themed show and was hugely entertained. The quick-witted lively cast kept a small room of people laughing for an hour and a half, and at the bargain price of only $10.00.
Part-time staffer and gaming guy Glenn was on hand as well and has this to say.

"Went last night to see Secret Origin (again) at Bad Dog Theatre

I saw the first show and this, the fourth and, sadly, final

How do you review the performance of a show that is only consistent in being inconsistent?

Well, let's try

First off, I do not have to worry about spoilers, as every show is entirely
dependent on a few words randomly shouted out from the audience (I declined to participate this time because my word was used last time. Gotta be fair and share the wealth!)

This show was funny as hell and featured a story about a supercar driver, his dim-witted friend, a villain who wanted to be fluffy and respected, an unusual
origin story, penguins getting punched, an unusual hiding place and the value of an
incompetent but really positive sidekick. Also staplers, but I digress...
I have seen a few shows now from the troupe at Bad Dog and I am impressed by the
chemistry of the players, their ability to mix in very disparate elements on the fly
and their sound effects guy. I can honestly say I would not expect most sound guys
to have some of the sounds he used!
Although the run is over, they did mention that they might do something like this
again. I hope so. And if they do, Justice.. I mean I will be there! "

I concur Glenn, a great show at a great price.

The Bad Dog Theatre is located at 138 Danforth Ave., just around the corner from the Broadview Subway station. Its a smallish place, the main room seems to seat about 50-60, but this adds to the personal audience participation feel that fuels the Improv style.
They are registered as a not for profit organization and accept tax-exempt donations.
They are a fun original group that adds real diversity to the Danforth, and are very deserving of support.

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