Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've gotten out of the habit of putting up a picture of the NEW COMICS rack each week(mainly due to the fact I am a lousy photographer), and of course this week started with a holiday Monday. So naturally I have been getting calls asking if the new comics are in.
YES, they are, and a spectacular week of comics it is.
Swamp Thing (and friend?) back in the regular DC Universe.
Justice League Generation Lost, no longer lost, and leading to a new on-going series(please, please, DC give us Giffen and DeMatteis on this).
Action #900 complete with 3 different covers, wrapping up the Lex/Rings story and kicking off the Doomsdays storyline.
Avengers 12.1 and a Hitch Neary drawn intro to a horrible future for the Avengers.

And thats just a few books I've had the chance to read.

Remember that next weekend SATURDAY MAY 7th, is FCBD and it will be crazy in here as usual, so get in and get your regular comics early.
I don't know what the weather will be like, but if it's nice enough, I plan on putting some tables full of bargain comics and paperbacks outside.

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