Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet Tooth signing

Well the Jeff Lemire signing went rather well. Still a little under attended, but got to see some new faces as well as quite a few regulars.
I'd like to congratulate the winner of the page of original Sweet Tooth art.
MICHAEL MARION, thanks for coming to our little event, stop by the store anytime and pick up your prize.
Jeff left us a couple of copies of his sketchbook to sell as well. These little gems are full of samples of his stuff and some great character designs as well( I love his Doom Patrol). You can pick one up while they last for only $10.00.
Don't forget that this Saturday and Sunday is our 24th anniversary sale, and despite the forecast, we are planning on putting some tables full of 24 cent comics out front.
$5.00 paperbacks will be available as well, and everything else in the store will be 24% off.

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Peter said...

Thanks to you Rob, for having Jeff come in to sign and say hello. Thank you to Jeff for coming in and spending some time with us fans. Rob I have to say it is things like this that really make the local comic shop the place to get your books. You just can't do this on-line!!! I have been coming to your shop since you first appeared (to me) across the street from your present location and I have been a member now for more years than I can remember. I love the way you treat all your customers and the way you do your best for us all. Of course saying that I can't believe I forgot about your anniversary sale this weekend, D'OH! My loss I guess. I hope you had a good turnout despite the weather and congratulations on 24 years of great comic fun. I can't wait for the blow-out you gotta be planning for number 25!! Take care Rob!

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