Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Con game

Well I just got back to the store, after spending the morning setting up our booth at the FANEXPO. Still a lot of work to do before the show opens at 4:00 tomorrow(2:00 for deluxe pass holders) but I'm excited and anticipating another great show. The move back to the South Building makes it a little tougher to get to, but it's a much bigger space this year with an expanded food court area with a ton of seating, off the main dealers room.
The Comics & More booth is #728, straight in line from the main doors, and just in front of the Warner's booth with its huge WB water tank. No word yet on whether Wakko, Yakko and Dot will descend from the water tower at any point during the weekend.
Haven't had much time to read many of this week's releases, but I love the Flashpoint Kid Flash cover. I know the Flashpoint effect changed quite a few things in the DCU, but the corner of

Yonge and Queen looks pretty much the way I remember it.

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