Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'd like to apologize to any customers who stopped by the store on Sunday only to find us closed.
The timing just seemed right to take advantage of the long weekend to draft some of my friends and customers into helping me reorganize the inventory.
The basement has been a horrible mess for too long now, and the bookshelves have been suffering for it.
Many titles thought sold out for some time were actually stocked in depth, just buried so deep, they were basically unreachable.
The store may seem a little messier than usual for the rest of the week as the resorting continues, but when it's complete, there should be a much greater selection of paperbacks on the shelves than ever before.
As a bonus, many discontinued titles and overstocked books, will be added to the bargain boxes near the front of the store, and literally thousands of books will be on sale during our big
           26th anniversary sale JULY 20-21.
Along with the bargain paperbacks, there will be a great selection of toys as low as $5.00 each and ALMOST everything else in the store will be  26% off.

Again, apologies to anyone who missed us today, mention it next time you're in and I'll make sure you get a special 26th anniversary t-shirt.

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