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Some of the issues that shipped this week fit into continuity of the regular titles while others are simple one-shot origin type stories. Refer to this list to see which of the books may be essential to your reading experience.

Superman /Bizarro- ties into Forever Evil
Batman and Robin /Two-Face - ties into Forever Evil
Earth 2 /Desaad – leads into Earth2 #16
Flash /Grodd- leads into Rogues Rebellion mini series
Green Arrow /Vertigo – leads into Green Arrow #24
Green Lantern /Relic- leads into Green Lantern #24 AND starts off Octobers Lantern crossover
J.L.A./ Deadshot – leads into Suicide Squad #24
Justice League /Darkseid- leads into Earth2 and Superman/Batman
Dark Knight/Ventriloquist - continues in Batgirl

I'll try and post a similar list next Tuesday.

Also, here are some reviews of a few favourites from this week.

Darkseid #1

This origin story is a fast paced, action-heavy look at one of DC's most powerful villains. Darkseid #1 shows just who the villain was before he became the galactic conqueror.

Prior to being called Darkseid, he was a cutthroat farmer named Uxas living on a planet ruled by multiple gods. Uxas grows enraged by the carelessness and rambunctiousness of these gods, and decides to manipulate them into all out war. During the battle, we learn just how he obtains his immeasurable powers, and what he initially uses them for.

It's a quick read and an interesting story that could almost be expanded into a miniseries. We get a look at some of the alternate worlds Darkseid travels to, as well as the heroes from these worlds who fall to the conqueror.

Darkseid fills in for Justice League as issue #23.1.

Two Face #1

Filling in for Batman And Robin this week, Two Face takes the reins of his own book this week.

This one isn't an origin story, but more of a short look at how Gotham is faring without its heroes to protect it. The city is in chaos, and Harvey decides to take matters into his own hands. Sure enough, he decides by flipping a coin. Heads, he steps up to the plate and protects Gotham with his own lethal brand of justice. Tails, he lets the city burn and lends a hand to bring it down.

It's always fun seeing Two Face take justice into his own hands, and Two Face #1 gives us a look at exactly how he would protect Gotham. It's one of the more violent Villains Month titles, and it seems to help progress the Forever Evil miniseries currently underway.

The issue is certainly a fun look at Two Face and perfect for those who are fans of Batman villains.

Ventriloquist #1

Ventriloquist #1 reads very much like a horror comic. Maybe that's due to the nature of the character, but regardless, Gail Simone delivers an excellent issue and a frightening look at a truly disturbed villain.

This issue, acting as Batman Dark Knight 23.1, is an origin issue that looks at the childhood of the Ventriloquist. It's also set in the present DC universe during the Forever Evil event, so it's the best of both worlds. This was one of the better villain tales, as Simone writes The Ventriloquist as a truly psychotic, incredibly dangerous villain. There's an uneasiness about the character that might leave you a little disturbed.

There's also an uneasiness with the ending too, which proves more than a little macabre. Certainly one of the darker villains month titles thus far.

Poison Ivy #1

This week, Poison Ivy takes the spotlight in Batman Detective Comics 23.1, which is a mix of origin story and present day Gotham City. It's the first look at New52's Poison Ivy origin, which doesn't differ too heavily from the previous incarnations of her story.

Page to page, it's a really good look at who Pamela Isley is and the catalysts that sparked the  motivations for villainy. The flashback scenes are juxtaposed with others that take place in the present day, which helps tell her story. Poison Ivy, while still a dangerous criminal, is clearly a ruthless avenger and a crime fighter in her own way. Dishing out her own brand of justice, it should be interesting to see how she fits in with the rest of the villains given her pseudo-heroic tendencies, which are touched upon in this issue.

Poison Ivy #1 is a fun look at the character's origin and overall a good addition to this week's Villains Month titles.

Relic #1

Green Lantern fans will not want to miss this awesome inclusion in Green Lantern lore. Relic #1 fills in for Green Lantern 23.1 and explains the origins of the current villain in New Guardians.

Relic is from a universe much like our own. It's filled with light fueled by the emotional spectrum, and wielding this light are Lightsmiths - very much like the Lanterns in the DCU. Relic is a scientist concerned that the Lightsmiths are exhausting their resources by harnessing a surfeit of light. Of course, the Lightsmiths refuse to listen to Relic and their universe takes a turn for the worse. Relic ends up in the current DCU and vows to prevent an abuse of lightweilding from the Lanterns. He won't let the mistakes of his past haunt his future.

Relic #1 is a great story that will appeal to fans of Green Lantern as well as comic fans who just want a quick, interesting, visually appealing story. Apart from being a great Green Lantern story, this well written issue tackles the subject of exhausting natural resources, and how that affects not only an ecosystem, but the universe as a whole. It's a great subject that fits into the Green Lantern universe very well, and makes for an amazing addition to Villains Month.


Anonymous said...

Most of them were actually good. DC did a good job this week but will next week be good? Hope so.

Comics & More said...

I agree, I liked at least 10 out of the 13, and thought the other 3 were so-so.
My favourites by far were the Deadshot( by Kindt, no surprise) and Darkseid which looks like an important lead-in to the Batman/Superman issue coming on the last week.
Hopefully I will be able to post a few quick reviews by Tuesday night this time to give people a better idea of what to look for Wednesday morning.

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