Friday, September 13, 2013

Reviews on 2 new Marvels

Mighty Avengers #1

As the latest addition to the Avengers titles, Mighty Avengers is a solid read that fits into the Marvel Universe quite well. The timing with Marvel's Infinity event helps make this new ongoing seem quite important as well. With the current Avengers teams busy in space, the Earth needs as many heroes as possible. This makes Mighty Avengers feel like an integral part of Infinity as well as the Marvel U.

Luke Cage has been out of action since the previous New Avengers run wrapped up, so it's nice to see a familiar face leading the team. Added into the mix are White Tiger, Power Man, and Spectrum. This first issue focuses on the banding of the team which starts out as a Heroes for Hire gig, but morphs into a full on Avengers team. Spider-Man joins in to stir things up, and there's also a mysterious new hero called The Splendiferous Spider Hero who dawns a knock-off Spider-Man costume. It sounds crazy, but it's a ton of fun.

While this issue ties into Infinity, it's not necessary that readers follow the Marvel event to enjoy Mighty Avengers. A member of Thanos' Black Order serves as the main villain for this story, but the recap page will get you up to date if you haven't read any of Infinity. While Avengers and New Avengers have become pseudo space opera type books, Mighty Avengers seems more down-to-earth, with a group of heroes fighting villains week to week in New York. It feels like the Avengers books before Hickman took over.

Al Ewing does a great job with the dialogue and characters. It should be interesting to see where the relationship between Luke Cage and Spectrum (previously Captain Marvel) leads, as it's been stated that their relationship will be a large part of this title. Since New Avengers concluded, Cage has been a 'family above all else' kind of guy, so it'll be interesting to see how his time as a father has changes his mentality while in the field.

So far, Mighty Avengers is a fun addition to the Avengers family.

The Hunt #1

Written by Matt Kindt with art by Steven Sanders, The Hunt #1 is a four issue miniseries that focuses on the school and academies within the Marvel Universe.

In an effort to better connect all of the schools, the headmasters have instated a friendly competition. Select students from each school will be chosen and placed on an island together, where they will represent their school in a number of challenges and games. The premise sounds a little like Avengers Arena, but a it fits into the Marvel U a little better.

The competing educational institutions are: Avengers Academy, The Future Foundation, the Jean Grey School, Braddock Academy, The Wakandan School of Alternative Studies, The Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted, and the Latverian School of Science. This first issue introduces all of these schools as well as as some of the competing students. The Atlantean School was supposed to be in the competition, but due to recent events between them and the Wakandans, alternate plans were made.

It appears that The Hunt will tie into the recent events (and possibly upcoming events) of Infinity. While not necessary to enjoy Infinity, The Hunt looks as if it'll add a nice little mini story to compliment the events taking place in the Avengers titles, as well as the main Infinity book.

Kindt does a great job establishing the schools and characters. The idea of all of the schools coming together for four issues is a great one, and likely to be a ton of fun.

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